Username registration

Bithomp username is a public username for your XRPL address.

The username will be assosiated with your address on the bithomp explorer and in third-party services which use bithomp API. After the registration it will become public - anyone will be able to see it. Your XRPL address will be accessable by:

The username can not be changed or deleted.

For each XRPL address you can register only one username.

You can only register usernames for XRPL addresses you control (you have a secret or recovery 12/24 words). You can not register a username for a hosted address (which has a destination tag) within an exchange / service / wallet.

To prove that you're in control of the XRPL address you will need to make a payment from that address (for which you want to assign a username). Payments from other addresses will be counted as donations and won't be refunded.

The payment is for 100 Swedish kronor denominated in XRP. The payment for the username is not refundable. If you pay more than requested, the exceeding amount will be counted as donation and won't be refunded.

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